Budapest Service Jam

a global service design workshop

WHEN 2015.02.27. 17:00
WHERE Budapest Kibu

Learning by doing

A mentored practice in service design and design thinking. Light on theory and heavy in action this 48 hour event will be your baptism of fire in field research, user interviews, team ideation and prototyping. If you are a design pro the Jam is a great way to share skills and get familiar with service design specific deliverables.

Go global

Enjoy the camaraderie of like minded people in our two day push to create new services. Light hearted but intense teamwork will put your through all the sweat, drama and shared sense of achievement that will cement you together. Taking part in a Jam is becoming part of a global family of dreamers and change makers landing you in good company wherever you set you foot.

Have fun!

Dedicated time. A common goal. Working together with people of diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. Creativity, improvisation and change. The emotional roller coaster of the design process in the heart of Budapest. Connecting with a world-wide community.

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What's in the price?

Prototyping materials

We will provide you tones of colorful post-its, markers, cardboards, plasticine, everything what you need to think outside the box, brainstorm with your team and build rough prototypes of your future service.

Knowledge sharing

You will learn a lot about how to create a new service, what does it mean human-centered design, what are the stages of Design Thinking. You also will learn from other jammers and you can share your superpowers with them.

Yummy food

We will wait for you on Friday afternoon with delicious welcome snack to start with energy the jam. On Saturday and Sunday we will have yummy breakfast, coffee, coffee and more coffee. On Sunday you will be really busy uploading your project to share it with the world. To keep your energy we will bring some pizza for you.

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"The Budapest Service Jam is a unique event, because it converges all the hidden creative power of the city and enhances it in a packed, yet thoughtful and fun weekend."


"A fun, genuine workshop with amazing facilitators that thought me what I could actually do with my skills and all: I keep on talking about service design ever since."


"This was my first approach to Service Design, and the organizer team build an environment of collaboration, learning and networking is really stimulating for creative minds. "

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