48 hours to design a new service

a global service design workshop

7—9 March 2014, KIBU

Learn by doing

Learn by doing

A mentored practice in service-design and design thinking.
Light on theory and heavy in action this 48 hour event will be your baptism of fire in field research, user interviews, team ideation and prototyping.
If you are a design pro the Jam is a great way to share skills and get familiar with service design specific deliverables.

Make new friends

Go global

Enjoy the camaraderie of like minded people in our two day push to create new services.
Light hearted but intense teamwork will put your through all the sweat, drama and shared sense of achievement that will cement you together.
Taking part in a Jam is becoming part of a global family of dreamers and change makers landing you in good company wherever you set you foot.

Have fun

Have fun!

Dedicated time. A common goal. Working together with people of diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. Creativity, improvisation and change. The emotional roller coaster of the design process in th heart of Budapest. Connecting with a world-wide community.


That's how we Jam!

Photos from our previous event, Budapest Sustainability Jam 2013



7th March

  1. 17:00 Introduction

  2. 18:30 Global theme announcement

  3. 18:45 Brainstorming, inspiration wall

  4. 18:55 Forming random teams

  5. 19:00 Write team brief


8th March

  1. 9:00 Service design in practice

    Breakfast presentation. Have a breakfast and get inspired together.

  2. 09:30 Preparation for field validation

    Form hypotheseses and build prototypes and interview sheets to test them.

  3. 12:00 Field testing

    Test assumptions with prototypes and ethnographic methods in the wild.

  4. 14:00 Visualize insights

  5. 15:00 Presentation: our favorite tools

    Every mentor presents her favorite service design tool.

  6. 15:30 Ideation

  7. 16:00 Prototype to pick final concept

  8. 18:30 Visualize final concept


9th March

  1. 09:00 Final prototype

  2. 12:00 Pizza

  3. 14:00 Final upload

  4. 16:00 Final presentations

    Presenting final protoypes to eachother.

  5. 19:00 The event ends


Meet your Mentors

Reka Barath

Reka Barath is co-founder and Service Designer at Inspiration4. She was studying Design & Interior Architecture at Technical University of Madrid, and was working as interior designer also in the sector of retail. She decided to reinvent herself and found her way in the field of service design. As an entrepreneur interested in brand-building and innovative solutions, she applies service design thinking in diverse projects helping companies to develop innovative and creative solutions for their current problem or challenge. Actually she is working on “Business Innovation & Cultural Change" project at JLL Madrid supporting the human-centered design process.

Emese Balikó

Emese Balikó is a UX Designer at SAP Labs Hungary and an exhibiting media design artist.
She was graduated at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) in 2004, and was teaching there until 2007. She was working on art and design projects since 2003, but lately she was rather concentrated on designing and developing professional online applications. Currently she creates interaction design for complex business softwares at SAP, using Design Thinking and persona-based design principles. As an artist, her latest ongoing project consists of a series of linguistic visualizations of Hungarian language samples.

Judit Boros

Designer and new media fan with a keen eye for international relations and business development. Graduated in industrial product design engineering at TU Budapest, then continued the studies in Italy, with a Masters degree in Product-Service-System Design, completed with a scholarship spent in New York, studying Transdisciplinary Design at Parsons The New School for Design.
Widening the scope of experiences had the chance to focus on design-systems, learning how to use extended working-methods in practice. Currently working at Kitchen Budapest, as product-service designer and Talent Program Mentor.

Fanni Csernátony

Fanni Csernátony is addicted to design workshops and cooperative projects ever since she started studying Product Design in Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME). She participated and organized several events focusing on teamwork. She founded Interuniversity Student Cooperation (CSEKK) in 2010 as a platform for collaboration between students from different universities. She believes that the design process works best if it involves people with different cultural and professional backgrounds. She works now in Cellux Group and beside teaching the design mindset, methods and tools for a great variety of people she participates in many design projects focusing on product and service innovation.

Bori Kovács

Bori Kovács is a freelance designer, entrepreneur currently running her own socially responsive project, CÓKMÓK.
While studying product design at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME), she participated in several multidisciplinary design projects and worked within the sustainability research group of MOME EcoLab where her focus fell on designing for underprivileged communities. She gained insight into the human centered design process at Danmarks Designskole in Copenhagen and had a first-hand glimpse into how the experts do it when she participated in a Make-a-thon workshop at IDEO’s Münich office last summer.

Panni Pais

Panni Pais is a designer, founder of Cellux Group – a collective devoted to projects on sustainability. As a child Panni wanted to be a detective. Watching, analyzing and solving promlems have intrested her already at an early age, which she could make use of in her professional life many years later. She graduated as a sociologist in 2008 (ELTE) and as a product designer in 2012 (MOME). In 2013 she won Hungarian Design Award for her graduation project. Since she participated in several international design workshops she is a fan of teamwork and believes in the power of multidisciplinarity. Beside working as a designer, recently she has focused more on diving deeper into methods such as design thinking and service design.

Szilárd Szakács

Szilárd Szakács is a user experience designer at CASON Engineering Plc., a research and development company providing data acquisition devices plus information services for energy providing companies. He graduated as a Computer Engineer at TU, Budapest and after years as a front-end software developer moved to the field of user experience. Later as a product manager he used human centred design principles extensively and after recently finishing a course at Central Saint Martins College he is really into service design.


Email: team@budapestdesignjams.hu

Tel.: +36-30-982-6073 (Szilárd Szakács, co-organiser)


The jam will be held at Kitchen Budapest: Ráday street 30. District 9., Budapest


The Jam is a non-profit event. We need a 3000Ft registration fee to cover:

Breakfast with Coffee
Two breakfasts with coffee
One hot meal for lunch (like pizza) on Sunday.
Saturday's lunch is not covered. We encourage teams to have lunch out together in preparation for the field research activity.
Workshop materials: Post-its, sharpies, post-its, scissors, post-its, sheets of paper and some more post-its.